Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in a programme or course at QT Kidz Sdn Bhd (here known as QTKidz) or QTKidz’s authorize partner, student and parent hereby agreed the following terms and conditions:

  1. Student and Parent agree their basic information including contact detail will be disclosed to third party such as Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) or our affiliate partners for administrative, research or marketing purposes.
  2. Student or Parent must inform their register centre or teacher ONE day in advanced if student unable to attend the scheduled lesson.
  3. Failure to provide One Day advance notice on the absence of class, QTKidz practice NO REPLACEMENT policy except medical leave with prove of medical certificate.
  4. Maximum two replacement classes are allowed in a month, unless there is any special reason provided and approved by the management of QTKidz.
  5. QTKidz has the right to take photos or videos of student during our classes or event for our marketing purpose.
  6. Certificate will be provided only when the student has completed the course with full payment made on the course fee and other charges if any.
  7. All Student must ensure they have paid their course fee not latest than the 7th of each month, failure to make payment to the centre, QTKidz’s Centre reserve the right to suspend the student.
  8. All payment made to QTKidz or QTkidz’s authorize partner is not refundable.
  9. Parent is responsible to arrange the necessary hardware such as computer for the student to attend their online classes, or offline class which require student to bring their own laptop to attend the class.
  10. Student is required to follow the centre’s policies and ensure attend their classes in good manner.
  11. Student is required to take good care of the equipment provided in centre during their classes.
  12. QTKidz reserve the right to impose any new charges or revise the fees including the course fee and others miscellaneous fee.
  13. Parent and Student agree the course content is the intellectual properties of QTKidz and agree not to share or sell to others without the consent of QTKidz.



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