About us

We Teaches Little Explorers Essential 21st Century Coding Skills

We carry our principle’s iTrainKids programmes to offers specialised technology workshops, school holiday bootcamps and weekend classes for children between the ages of 7 and 16. Over 3,000 Malaysian children have learned to become coders and makers of various apps, games, websites and more since the establishment of iTrainKids. Incorporating interactive sessions and experiential learning to teach coding principles and applications, kids are taught how to develop their own digital masterpieces and become creative problem solvers in their own right!

By introducing children early on to programming in a fun and enriching environment, they won’t just learn to code, but also code to learn. Kids will naturally ‘learn as they play’—and that’s a surefire way to get them excited about learning.

Our Principle

iTrain Kids Sdn Bhd (1159500-P)

iTrainKids Awarded ‘My Digital Maker Hub’ Status by MDEC in January 2019

Exciting Workshop for Parents

Yes, We know , being a parent is not easy , so we are in the mid of preparing various of interesting programmes for parents to enrich themselves with latest parenting info and skills . Stay tunes.

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