About us

We Teaches children Essential 21st Century Coding Skills to be a future technopreneur

We have developed programmes to offers daily & weekend classes, technology workshops, school holiday bootcamps for children ages 6 and above. We have successfully trained children to become coders and makers of various apps, games and more since the establishment of QT Kidz. With our interactive teaching method and experiential learning to teach coding principles and applications, kids are taught to be a problem solvers and unleash their creativity to develop their own digital masterpieces !

By introducing  coding to children in their early age with  fun and enriching environment, kids will develop the passion on coding and learn the essential skill set for their future career benefits

Our programme

My Young Coders

My Young Coders programme is specially design to groom our future generation to adapt the technology skill set that riding on the wagon of global digital transformation. Kids are trained , mentored and shared with the latest technology that will be the essential knowledge and skill set for their future.  


Exciting Workshop for Parents

Yes, We know , being a parent is not easy , so we are in the mid of preparing various of interesting programmes for parents to enrich themselves with latest parenting info and skills . Stay tunes.

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