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From developing Mobile apps to creative Fun Games and animation, QT Kidz offers the most creative hands-on way for children to learn all about Future technology.


We are glad to officially announce that QT Kidz Awarded ‘My Digital Maker Hub’ Status by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

#mydigitalmaker movement is an initiative catalysed by MDEC in 2016. The movement was launched to galvanise public-private-academia sectors to help nurture and transform Malaysia youths to become digital innovators as one of the efforts in driving to Digital Economy. We are so glad to be the first Digital Maker Hub at Seremban for coding learning. This achievement is align with our vision to transform Malaysia youths from consumers to producers of technology and preparing them for Industries 4.0.

What Coding Does For Your Child’s Brain and Beyond...


Coding is about creating something new. Students can create their own fun video games or mobile apps based on their creativity. They even learn how to come up with their own ideas in order to solve their problem.

Logical Thinking

Logical thinking is required for coding. Coding involves formulating step by step procedures to produce a desired outcome. Children learn how to tackle complex problems by breaking them down into smaller problems which are easier to manage and solve

Problem Solving

Enhance problem solving skills with logical, structured, computational thinking and creativity. Students learn to analyze options and to come up with ways to solve any challenges they come across.

Brighter Future

Computer programming is the future, coding is an extremely useful skill to possess. Being literate in technology will allow kids to have competitive advantages in all industries

Self Confidence

Creating something new with own creativity is a satisfying feeling. There is nothing better than seeing a child proud of a particular challenge or project that they have completed.

Math Skills

Coding shows Kids the practical application of math. Coding statements contain math expressions that need to be resolved for the program to move forward.

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We are happy to announce the first complete Coding Enrichment Centre in  Seremban !!!

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